Appeal Success London Borough of Camden

Mansfield Conservation Area (Hampstead) Windows

WEA Planning has been successful in obtaining planning permission at appeal for the retention of uPVC windows to the front elevation at loft level to a large terraced house in the Mansfield Conservation Area, London Borough of Camden. The new uPVC windows were installed in the loft to replace the old 1970s dormer windows, improving thermal insulation of the flat. 

After receipt of an LB Camden enforcement officer requirement to remove the uPVC windows, the applicant contacted WEA Planning to challenge Camden Council and obtain retrospective planning permission to retain the windows they had recently installed at loft level. Following refusal of planning permission, LB Camden issued an enforcement notice against our client immediately. 

WEA prepared a strong case to demonstrate that Camden’s enforcement notice was not reasonable and that the new uPVC dormer windows in fact improved the appearance of the building.

WEA Planning managed the appeal process proactively throughout.  As part of the appeal decision, the Inspector gave significant weight to the arguments that WEA Planning put forward that demonstrated the pre-existing windows were of a poor quality and that the installation of the new replacement window material did not harm the character and appearance of the conservation area. 

Notwithstanding the fact that the site lies within the prestigious Mansfield Conservation Area, WEA Planning achieved permission for the retention of uPVC windows of this top floor flat! A great result for the client! 

Client view

I employed the services of Will after a planning dispute with Camden Council. After a retrospective planning permission application was denied, Will undertook an appeal process in light of a somewhat arbitrary decision by the council. During the entire process, Will was knowledgable, upfront and friendly, which made what was becoming a stressful situation immeasurably more manageable. Knowing Will was liaising with the council with his comprehensive knowledge of the planning processes and legalities was both a relief and gave me the confidence that I had the best chance of a positive result. 

It was!

Through Will’s skill and knowledge, the appeal went in my favour, saving me thousands of pounds, not to mention the stress and effort of replacing windows that did exactly what they needed to do. 

I couldn’t praise him enough or recommend him more highly.


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