Southwark rooftop homes

London Borough of Southwark announce plans to JV modular homes on rooftops

Back in September 2019, Southwark Council announced their plan for the development of Rooftop Homes to help achieve their target of building 2,500 council homes by 2022. In the longer-term, Southwark Council aims to build 11,000 brand new Council homes by 2043.

The Council’s plan is to build modular homes off-site which would then be craned and installed on-site to minimise the disruption for the local residents

To achieve this ambitious housing target, Southwark is considering the opportunity to invest in joint ventures with specialist contractors and private developers to increase the capacity to deliver new homes:

“With good governance and shared objectives, JVs can offer an alternative delivery model, bringing in outside expertise rather than operating alone and can also widen the community benefits”.

To facilitate the design and construction of the modular homes, Southwark Council plans to produce a Rooftop Design Guide with a set of principles.  


This is a novel way of thinking about new ways to meet housing targets and re-think density in line with Yes In My Back Yard (YIMBY) thinking. Let’s see what happens….

Article written by Thomas Tinel. 

*JV = Joint Venture


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