Office to residential conversions in Kingston

Kingston Article 4

A new Kingston-Upon-Thames Article 4 designation came into effect on 1 October 2015 and any units which have prior approval but have not been occupied by this date, will require planning permission.

The Direction affects any building that is currently used as office, or any vacant offices in the following areas:

  • Kingston Town Centre;
  • New Malden District Centre;
  • Surbiton District Centre;
  • Tolworth District Centre;
  • Chessington Industrial Area;
  • Barwell Business Park;
  • St George's Industrial Estate;
  • Canbury Park;
  • Fairfield/Kingsmill/Villiers Road;
  • St John's Industrial Area;
  • Silverglade Business Park;
  • London Road;
  • Cambridge Road/Hampden Road;
  • Red Lion Road; and
  • Norbiton Station Area .
If your project is potentially affected by this date, it is vital you submit your applications as soon as possible and ensure it is valid to ensure that the deadline is met. WEA Planning are here to assist with your submissions to the Royal Borough of Kingston.


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