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  • Based in Notting Hill, West London - WEA Planning are specialist Richmond planning consultants concentrating on boroughs in the West of London. Whatever services you are looking for from a Richmond planning consultant, WEA planning offer customised advice on your planning application, including topics such as:
    • Richmond council planning policy – what sort of developments are likely to be accepted?
    • Permitted development rights – can you build what you want without needing planning permission?
    • Help with filling in Richmond planning application forms – what sort of critical information is necessary?
    • Retrospective planning applications – what to do if you find out you need planning permission for something you have already built.
    • Richmond planning appeals – help and advice if your planning application is denied.
    Richmond Planning Applications – Help and AdviceIf you need professional assistance with preparing your planning application, we are Richmond Planning Consultants who can provide the following services:
    • co-ordination of technical supporting information and drawings;
    • writing of supporting statements;
    • negotiation with planning officers;
    • variations or removal of planning conditions;
    • representing your scheme to the Richmond planning committee, should this be needed; and
    • assisting with public consultations.

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About Richmond upon Thames

The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames is one of the smallest and least densely populated London boroughs, with just over 190,000 people fitting into 57 km². However, as with any demographics, population density figures can be misleading. Richmond upon Thames has a nominal population density of 3300 per square kilometre, but in reality, residential areas in the borough are somewhat denser than this, as so much of the area governed by Richmond upon Thames Council is actually parkland.

In total, there are over 100 parks in the borough, including most of the world-famous Richmond Park, which is one of the largest urban parks in the world, being some three times larger than central park in New York! Just to the north of the town of Richmond is another world-famous green space in the form of Kew Gardens, although unlike the other parks in the Borough, Kew Gardens requires an admission fee to enter. Another major attraction in the Borough of Richmond is Twickenham Rugby Stadium, which promotes itself as being the home of Rugby football. William Avery is a Richmond planning consultant with a strong track record in achieving planning success in West London.

Richmond Planning – Richmond Riverside
Richmond Planning – Richmond Riverside

Planning Richmond – issues in the borough

The London Borough of Richmond undoubtedly prides itself on its sheer range of green spaces, and this attractiveness is reflected in property prices. Out of the 12 West London boroughs where WEA planning offer our services, Richmond on Thames has the second highest average property value at £780,000, somewhat ahead of the next five boroughs which are all around the £500,000 mark. In terms of individual neighbourhoods, the most desirable streets in the borough of Richmond rival the millionaires' mansions in North London.
Richmond Station
Richmond Station

The borough is also popular with commercial property tenants, with the Richmond Riverside, designed by architect Quinlan Terry, in particular being a textbook example of a modern development designed in a very traditional style.

Richmond has a plethora of 1930s buildings, although despite the wealth of the town, some of them are in need of a bit of care and attention! Richmond's station is one of the most prominent 1930s buildings in the town, and it provides essential connections not just to central London, but also to various points in west London, courtesy of the Richmond branch of the District line. As the major commercial centre in the borough of Richmond upon Thames, Richmond town is under constant planning pressure for development, although a major constraint is the poor quality of the local road network, especially with heavily constrained bridges across the Thames.

Richmond has reasonably easy road access to the west, and also to other directions north and south, courtesy of the M25 motorway. Heading East into central London, or north across the River is not so easy by road, with frequent stops and starts ensuring that journey times are long, whether by car or bus. In terms of rail travel, Richmond does somewhat better than neighbouring Kingston, as fast and frequent national rail services into Waterloo are also supplemented by a vital link to the north, courtesy of the rail corridor up to West Brompton, which is shared by both the District line and the overground North London lines. Richmond could benefit significantly if a connection was provided between the North London line and HS2, Crossrail and the Great Western main line at Old Oak Common in Hammersmith and Fulham, although this is not currently part of the proposals.

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Please note

WEA planning is an independent Richmond planning consultancy, based in Notting Hill.

Although we are not associated with the London Borough of Richmond, we can offer planning advice on any application within this part of London. If you simply want an update on an existing Richmond application, or want to view planning applications which have already been submitted, please contact the Richmond council planning team directly.

Contact WEA Planning for Richmond Planning Advice

Call Seema Mangoo on 020 7993 2075, email or use the contact form to find out how WEA can help you. 


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