Permitted Development Rights

What are permitted development rights?

Permitted development rights allow property owners to make certain changes, including extensions, within the boundaries of their own property, without having to apply for full planning permission. Permitted development rights exist in order to help to streamline the planning process, and to ensure that planning officers do not have to deal with unnecessary workload.

Broadly speaking, permitted development rights fall under two categories:

  1. Householder permitted development.
  2. Commercial permitted development.

Permitted development rights and change of use

Note that permitted development rights might cover physical changes to a building or
change of use. However, there are many examples of change of use which still require full planning permission, even if there are no changes to the structure. If you have any questions, please contact director William Avery for further advice.

Certain directions and designations such as being in a conservation area can affect your permitted development rights. Additionally, permitted development rights are often removed or withdrawn for new build developments, especially in backland and infill locations. There are very limited permitted development rights for flats, so once a house is subdivided, these rights are withdrawn. There are also still CIL (community infrastructure levy) implications for any extended areas, even if the right for the build itself is uncontested.

We can offer planning consultancy from
Barnet to Richmond, including boroughs such as Ealing and Hillingdon.

For more information about Permitted development rights on a borough by borough basis, please view our relevant page, or contact us for advice:

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