Welcome to WEA Planning, specialist Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames planning consultants.

WEA Planning can offer a wide range of different services, all aimed at helping you to gain planning permission, where this is needed:

Royal Borough of Kingston-Upon-Thames Planning Advice Offered

WEA planning offer customised advice on your planning application, including topics such as:

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  • Retrospective planning applications – what to do if you find out you need planning permission for something you have already built?
  • Kingston Planning Consultants dealing with appeals – help and advice if your planning application is denied.
  • Planning applications in Kingston conservation areas.

Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames Planning Application Assistance – the Preparation Process

If you need professional assistance with preparing your planning application, we are Kingston Planning Consultants who can provide the following services:

  • Co-ordination of technical supporting information and drawings.
  • Writing of supporting statements.
  • Negotiation with planning officers.
  • Variations or removal of planning conditions.
  • Assisting with public consultations.

About Kingston

The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, as the borough of Kingston is known in full, is the smallest London borough in terms of population, with just 169,000 people, and it also has a population density that is slightly below the London average.

Geographically, Kingston sits in the South West of London, with much of the borough protruding out into neighbouring Surrey. The former Surrey County Hall building is situated in the town of Kingston, which is also the main commercial centre of the borough. Officially the Royal Borough of Kingston on Thames by ancient prescriptive right, the right to use the royal prefix was confirmed by King George V in 1927. Kingston itself derives its name from the "King's Stone", which was used for a number of coronations in the first millennium A.D.

    WEA planning can help you through Kingston planning

    WEA planning can help you through Kingston planning

    Planning Challenges in the London Borough of Kingston upon Thames

    Kingston faces many of the same planning challenges as our experienced in neighbouring London boroughs, especially to do with pressures from individual householders wanting to extend their properties, combined with pressures from property developers.

    In terms of transport, Kingston Borough faces many of the same challenges that are familiar with suburban areas around the world, namely the need to maintain good links with central areas of commerce and employment, together with the constant pressures of local road traffic. Kingston is one of only five London boroughs not to have any London Underground lines running through it, and although it doesn't have any tram or light rail services either, the borough is still served by eight mainline railway stations.

    The road network in Kingston is well oriented towards (reasonably) easy access to the M25, whilst the A3 dual carriageway, which heads towards Southampton, runs through much of the borough.

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    Please note

    WEA planning is an independent Royal Borough of Kingtson-upon-Thamesplanning consultancy, based in Notting Hill.

    Although we are not associated with the Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames, we can offer planning advice on any application within this part of London. If you simply want an update on an existing Kingtson upon Thames application, or want to view planning applications which have already been submitted, please contact the London Borough of Kingston upon Thames council planning teamdirectly.

    Contact WEA Planning for Kingston Planning Advice

    Call Seema Mangoo on 020 7993 2075, email or use the contact form to find out how WEA can help you today. 


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