Commercial Article 4 Directions in the London Borough of Richmond


Article 4 Directions can remove the permitted development rights for change of use from B1(a) offices to C3 residential. 

Some London Boroughs are using this power to restrict permitted changes of use. In Richmond, most major town centre employment locations are now protected. The list below lists these locations in accordance with the date the Article 4 was implemented. For more specific location maps, you can download the PDF maps from the LB Richmond website.  

From 7 July 2016: 

Thames Street, Hampton

Hampton Wick
High Street & Lower Teddington Road, Hampton Wick

Hampton Hill
Northern part of High Street, Hampton Hill 

127-133 High Street, and 1 & 2A Cambridge Road, Teddington
180 High Street, Teddington
43-67 Broad Street, Teddington
90-120 Church Road, Teddington
38-42 Hampton Road, Teddington

Parts of Twickenham town centre
Bridge House, Twickenham
Hampton Road, Twickenham
Briar House, 5-11 Briar Road, Twickenham

East Twickenham
417-435 Richmond Road, East Twickenham
St George's House, 76 Crown Road, East Twickenham

Richmond Town Centre
Petersham Road, Richmond
Brook House & Sandal House, Richmond
Sheen Road, Richmond
72-84 Lower Mortlake Road, Richmond
Falstaff House & St George's House, Bardolph Road, Richmond

The National Archives, Ruskin Avenue, Kew 

East Sheen and Mortlake
Part West Sheen Lane, part Upper Richmond Road, East Sheen
Mortlake High Street, Mortlake

Prospect Studios, Barnes High Street, Barnes
42-46 Glentham Road, Barnes

Since 30 November 2014: 

  • Richmond town centre
  • Twickenham town centre
  • Teddington town centre and Waldgrave Road
  • National Physical Laboratory, Teddington
  • Kingsway Business Park, Hampton
  • Castle Business Village, Station Road and Mount Mews, High Street, Hampton
  • Hampton Hill Business Park, Hampton Hill
  • West Twickenham, south of River Crane
  • St George's Industrial Estate, Twickenham
  • Old Lodge Place, St Margarets
  • Tideway Yard and The Old Power Station, Mortlake
  • Blake Mews Station Avenue, Kew


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