Fire and Rescue Service HRRB - Grenfell Tower, Kensington

Grenfell - Building Regulations and Fire Safety

After the fire last June at Grenfell Tower in Kensington, West London, Dame Judith Hackitt, in his interim report of Building Regulations and Fire Safety, recommends that planning authorities should consult a newly created body (JCA) on more than 10 storey buildings -regarded as high-risk residential buildings (HRRB)- to ensure that in the event of fire, the building “is sufficiently accessible” to rescue services. 

Hackitt argues that even if the focus of the planning system is to meet housing supply needs, “there are some minimum requirements around fire safety that will need to be addressed when local planning authorities are determining planning applications and will require input from those with the relevant expertise”.

Therefore, local planning authorities should consult with the JCA “so that the fire and rescue authorities can advise on fire service accessibility issues at that point” particularly regarding emergency vehicle access to the building. 

Nevertheless, Hackitt supports that his recommendation will not have a significant impact on local planning authorities. 

Authored by Michaela Kekeri 


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