London Borough of Sutton Planning Policy Summary

On 26th February 2018 the London Borough Of Sutton adopted the Local Plan as a development plan document (DPD) replacing the Core Strategy (2009) and the Site Development Policies DPD (2012). The new Sutton Local Plan set out planning strategy and policies for the borough’s development until 2031. 

The Council publishes also Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) periodically to provide further guidance for the Local Plan policies. As most of the SPDs are dated before 2008, with Planning Obligations 2014 being the exception, the Council will produce new SPDs that will replace the existing ones. The Urban Design Guide SPD which will replace the Design of Residential Extensions SPD and the current Urban Design Guide SPD amongst other documents, will start being prepared this summer and it expected to be adopted in January 2020. 


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